Men's Counsellor & Registered Psychotherapist


Thanks for visiting SHIFT Counselling Services.  My name is Dave Robinson. 

I am known to many as the “Go-to-Guy for Helping Guys” and I have been coaching and counselling men for over 15 years.

My Focus

I offer individual therapeutic counselling for men,18 years and older. 

I help men improve their relationship with themselves, their parent(s), partner(s), sibling(s), children and peer(s) so they can better cope with their psycho-social and emotional stress and focus on enjoying all life has to offer. 


My personal commitment:

Whatever challenge you are facing (failure, anxiety, depression, loneliness,

or loss); I commit to helping you get your desired mental or situational shift...together. 

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My Counselling & Therapy Approach

I take a person-centered, trauma-informed, and solution-focused approach to working with my clients that balances curiosity, compassion, challenge and acknowledgement.  I draw upon various therapeutic approaches that best fit my clients’ circumstances including acceptance and commitment, cognitive-behavioural, emotion-focused, existential, masculine archetypes, rational-emotive, solution-focused and voice dialogue.

Each client progresses at their own pace guided by my proprietary process called ADVANCE.  My goal is to help advance my clients along their therapeutic journey, so they can regain perspective and motivation; confident they can create the life they desire.  

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How Can I Help ?

Life can be challenging, unpredictable and at times; totally overwhelming. 

This is especially true when we believe we need to handle difficult times alone. 


Many men have learned and therefore believe, that they need to struggle with challenges and setbacks on their own.  The truth is, no person should ever have to face difficult times alone.  No matter what challenge you are facing (relationship issues, anxiety, depression, loneliness, or loss); I commit to helping you get your desired shift...together. 


Whether you decide to contact me or not, please remember that You are Not Alone, and above all, that You Matter!.                           

                                                  Let's talk!


Individual Counselling - $150/hr
(By appointment only)

Monday       12 -  5pm
Tuesday       10 -  12pm,1-4pm
Wednesday   2 -  5pm, 7- 9pm

Thursday       2 - 8pm
Friday          10 - 3pm

Exhibition Park 

Guelph, ON

Tel: 519-400-0303

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