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I have a lifelong passion for counselling and coaching men.  My personal mission is to help make the world safer for women, children and men by supporting men to lead conscious and fulfilling lives. 

My passion for men's work led me to create a men’s peer to peer support network in Waterloo Region associated with the Mankind Project International (MKPI).  I have been an active member of​ MKP Canada for over 15 years and I am also the founding board Chairman of MKP Ontario. I have been an active board member on the North American Leader Council and am currently a board member on the Leader Council for MKP Canada. 

​As a Certified Leader, and Leader Trainer with MKPI, I lead experiential/educational training weekends for men throughout North America that focus on developing emotionally self-aware communication, personal accountability and servant leadership.


I am a member of Mentor Discover Inspire (MDI), an organization dedicated to supporting and mentoring men to personal success, and a mentor and leader in Boys to Men Canada, a mentoring program for young teens. I was also part of the organizing committee for the Men & Masculinity conference held in Toronto in 2019.

My passion for working with men has taken me to different parts of the globe where I have assisted in building supportive men’s communities in Europe and North America, including recently being invited to promote gender equality in Latvia on behalf of the Canadian government.

I am also a passionate advocate for mental health and diversity in the workplace.  I often integrate my counselling experience into the work I do as a leadership consultant and coach by helping organizational leaders better cope with the impacts of psycho-social stress and occupational burnout.  By developing conscious leaders, I believe we create a more compassionate and inclusive society. 

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