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Individual Counselling - $175/hr
(Major Credit cards / Electronic funds transfer accepted as payment)
Monday   12 - 5pm
Tuesday   10 - 4pm
Thursday   3 -  9pm
Friday        9am -12pm
Counselling Intensives
3-4 Hour - Personal and Group Intensives
Check with your counsellor for pricing details

From time to time, clients may find themselves on the verge of a therapeutic breakthrough that requires more time and emotional focus than a typical 50 minute counselling session can accommodate.   

This type of intensive is ideal for clients wishing to accelerate their therapeutic journey in a safe environment that provides the freedom to tackle a significant life challenge.  This process is ideal for deeply exploring self-limiting beliefs and confronting behaviour patterns that block success. It can also be an opportunity to engage in a supported conversation with an important person or people in their lives.

Offering Online Sessions Due to COVID 19

Currently, I am offering video or phone sessions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. These sessions offer you the opportunity to receive counselling support from the safety and privacy of your own space. 

Registered Psychotherapist

I am a registered member of the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), and a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA). 


Though I have been counselling and coaching men for many years, I recently completed my M.A. in Counselling Psychology, the educational requirement to register as a psychotherapist in Ontario.  As such, I continue to work with a clinical supervisor as I complete my direct client hours for the CRPO. 

Please note, as a Registered Psychotherapist my services are covered by most insurance plans.  That stated, it is my client's responsibility to contact their insurance company to validate their insurance coverage. 

My Approach

Practice Focus

Therapeutic counselling for men can be a profoundly rewarding and healing experience that at times, can be heavy and serious, but it is more often inspiring, empowering and even enjoyable.


I support my clients to better cope with challenges to their mental health and well-being.  Together, we face whatever challenge confronts them, so they don’t have to handle challenges alone or stay stuck in self-limiting beliefs or self-destructive behaviours. Typical sessions will address themes in two major categories:


Mental Health Themes 

  • ADHD

  • Attachment issues

  • Depression

  • Emotional dysregulation (i.e. Anger management)

  • General anxiety

  • Social anxiety

  • Shame & Guilt

  • Grief & Loss

  • Trauma

  • Intense psycho-social stress & Burnout

Well-Being Themes

  • Addictions, Substance Abuse & Workaholism

  • Conflict seeking or avoidance

  • Misogyny & Gender bias

  • Racism & Cultural stereotyping

  • Immaturity/Failure to launch

  • Domestic violence

  • Bullying & Abuse

  • Relationship issues (i.e. Separation & Divorce) 

  • Coping with Change or Disruption

  • Boundary & Limit Setting

  • Social awkwardness

  • Emotional self-awareness & expression

  • Self-confidence, Self-care & Self-respect

  • Career focus & success

  • Fatherhood, Parenting

  • Accountability & Commitment

  • Recklessness & Extreme risk-taking

Practice Philosophy

I wholeheartedly believe that my clients are experts in their lives. That stated, I focus on helping men of all stages, ages, orientations and cultures awaken to their highest potential (to become the best partner, father, son, friend, and brother) by helping them discover and develop the mature masculine aspects of their character that have either stalled, or have yet to be discovered. 

Facing life-challenges alone is not the measure of a man.

Many men carry within them, unspoken psychological pain (shame, guilt, anger, sadness, fear, loneliness, failure, loss) that they hide, or are reluctant to share with another.  Left unattended, this burden of pain can develop into unhealthy patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs that significantly impact their quality of life.  


A Poem by David Whyte (House of Belonging)


Above the mountains the geese turn into the light again

painting their black silhouettes on an open sky.


Sometimes everything has to be inscribed across the heavens

so you can find the one line already written inside you.


Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that first,

bright and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart.


Sometimes with the bones of the black sticks left when the fire has gone out, someone has written something new in the ashes of your life.


You are not leaving

you are arriving.




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